Boost Operational Efficiencies & Reduce Costs by Integrating Healthcare Ecosystem

Aloha technology helps you deliver technology advantage across the value chain, from Health services to care delivery, distribution and clinical management programs.

We help healthcare organizations regulate existing processes to comply with regulations such as HIPAA. We have delivered applications to top healthcare institutions that enable them to be HIPAA compliant. Our solutions help you increase patient safety & clinical effectiveness.

Electronic Health Record Solution

A complete 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) delivery of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Billing (e Claim: EDI) Management & Services, Patient Scheduling and Laboratory Information System using Lab Report Service HL7 Format. 100% web-native, Easy- Med provides a fully integrated suite of solutions to meet the needs of modern medicine. It has been designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process analysis and activity-based costing. This solution is fully HIPAA compliant, web-native suite of software applications addressing Electronic Health/Medical Records.


Clinical Trial Management Systems – CTMS helps manage all aspects of clinical planning, preparation, performance, and reporting. Clinical Trial Management Systems encompass trial data such as images, documentation, patient recruitment and enrollment, Investigator Relationship Management (IRM), monitoring, reporting, and cost tracking. CTMS products deliver a full spectrum of integrated modules.

Healthcare Web Portal Application

A complete health based portal that aims at taking the modern medicine to the doorstep of common men. It empowers the doctors, practicing medicine with the information on latest trends in the fields of medicine & surgery. Application has various modules such as Health Care Professionals, Lab operation, Billing and Your Health. We help you develop a portal as per your requirement with the least time to market. Our team works on predefined architectural designs to expedite your project.

Revenue Cycle Management Applications

Our suite of applications catering to the different operations of revenue cycle management such as Patient Access, Claims management, contract management help you optimize each process and reduce turnaround time by a significant percentage.

Mobile Application Development

We help you take your existing portals or communicating platforms to mobile medium. Our Developer Team Believes in Developing the Code from Scratch to Ensure That Possibility to Find Errors Is ZERO.

Wearable Device App Development

At Aloha we have created innovative, interactive and ambient Wearable apps that make use of the extensive analytical data the Wearable devices collect and use this data not only for notifications but also to monitor daily health data and activity levels i.e. Blood pressure level, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate etc.