Industrial Manufacturing Services

Industrial Manufacturing Services

The Fast Growing Global Manufacturing Market Needs to Synchronize Their Operations as Well as Boost Product Innovation to Keep pace with the Competition

Aloha Technology helps clients to plan and implement specific technology solutions for the Manufacturing industry. Our pool of Manufacturing professionals have in-depth experience in developing robust, scalable, technologically advanced and fault tolerant solutions involving financial analytics & business intelligence, cloud adoption and enterprise mobility

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Manufacturing & Heavy Engineering firms require to keep a track of lots of things like materials, orders, scheduling, capacity, workflow, quality, re-order, etc and we have designed comprehensive ERP Modules that take care of these and enables them to sail through the entire process with easy and deliver consistent products.

industrial manufacturing services
manufacturing technology services

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

It is not easy to keep a track of work-in-process on a factory floor, especially in a dynamic environment hence we have got our unique control solutions in place to enable smooth flow of the manufacturing process. It improves quality, reduces costs and improve time-to-market throughout the Manufacturing process. Our Suite Solutions have helped our Clients excel in Manufacturing complex products with ease.

Asset Management Solution

In Manufacturing concerns, the Physical assets are a huge and necessary investment hence Asset management is critical to the successful achievement of business objectives. It gives a competitive advantage and also helps create better products. To mitigate risks associated with improper asset management we have designed and implemented Several solutions that help companies to manage their assets by knowing their location, usages entitlements, Users, Methods, configuration, Cost and value delivered by them.

manufacturing technology solutions
industrial manufacturing services

Simulation Software

In the Manufacturing industry, it is very difficult to have prototypes because of the high cost involved and sometimes it is also impractical to conduct tests and that’s when a simulation software comes handy. Our solution uses the logical set of mathematical formulas and algorithms to produces modeling of a real phenomenon without actually performing that operation.

Quality Management Solution (QMS)

Manufacturing companies need to comply with the most stringent quality standards and be cautious of non-conformance, deviations & defects while production. We have created Solution to collects all relevant data with powerful analytics/reporting features. We know the FDA, ISO and GMP standards and our solutions adhere to these requirements.

manufacturing it solutions
industrial manufacturing services

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Manufacturing companies are always looking forward to optimizing their inventory and warehouse activities and we provide an advanced solution such as rules based pick & putaway, work order staging, wave planning, palletizing, and inventory movement tracking which also integrates with hand held scanners, tablets and smart phones.