Technologically advanced solutions that provide convergent & rich communication experience.

Aloha Technology has more than 10 years of experience in helping BFS ISV’s develop software to help them keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving landscape and ever-changing regulatory norms.

Voice Solution

Leading operators rely on our Voice Solutions that include Unified Communications, Voice Gateways & Embedded Solutions. These platforms are created to deliver the right experience and help the user to Stay connected, all the time.

OSS/BSS Solutions

Our OSS/BSS billing solution for VOIP, Telecom, and CLEC service providers have helped them automate and consolidate the consuming activities required to process, provision and bill orders and simplifies everything through a single source software interface that also have a comprehensive agent tracking feature.

Telecom Usage & Expense Management

To be competitive, Enterprises are compelled to track their Telecom Usage & Expenses. It has created the need for a solution that uses procedures and systems for better management. We have created Intelligent Solutions that tracks the source-to-pay life cycle of telecom expenses with the use of new Technology, and keeping in mind the Financial Regulations, Carrier Consolidation and Security threats.

Conferencing Solution

We have designed and built a robust conferencing system that can help in the creation of meetings, sent invites, capture phone numbers and also track those who declined. Recording and call-the-attendees as soon as the host joins-in were some key features added for total conferencing solution.

IP Telephony Server

We have created several open source voice over IP telephony servers with a software implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which makes it an IP-based communications system (IP PBX). It included many features like voice mail, interactive voice response systems, auto attendants. All major components of the application are implemented as servers.

We have Delivered

Our extensive work on creating Communication Solutions for our Clients have helped us understand and also cater to several real work challenges and provide intelligent solutions for seamless communication. Our Convergent Solution is designed keeping in mind the Security Essentials.