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Why ‘Slug It Out’ The Hard Way When You Can Fast Track Your Software Project With An ISV?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a situation of having an innovative idea that requires software development, yet, they lack the resources to deliver the innovation to the market in the timeframe that is desired. In this article, we explore how an ISV proves it’s ‘catalyst’ characteristic to bring your vision to life, in short timeframe and at affordable costs.

Entrepreneurial Grit Alone Can’t Get IT All Done

The entrepreneur with the needed business acumen, pragmatic mindset, and the technical background is the typical scenario with a technology startup that needs to get off the ground. To bring a viable product to the market in the timeframe that the market demands, all of the grit in the world won’t get the job done. Enter the ISV. The right ISV translates your vision for a software solution into a tangible, market-ready solution.

How ISVs Can Do What the Knowledgeable Entrepreneur Cannot

This subheading should not offend the entrepreneur reading this article. The best way to explain is a football team. To win the game, the coach cannot do it himself. He needs all of the team members to get the job done. By onboarding a strategic ISV, it is akin to a coach building a great football team, but instead of the process taking the entire preseason, it is practically overnight.

Below is a list of the value-add that an ISV can bring to the go-to-market strategy of your startup:

  • Whole-solution services that bring to life the business idea and to turn it into a finished deliverable for the client base. To bring a solution to alpha or even beta is admirable, but to bring the product to a 1.0 deliverable in a short period and to distill the innovation that was once written on the proverbial napkin is quite the ask.
  • The ISV defines the dedicated set of team members that have the optimal skill sets and experience needed to carry out your project most efficiently and to build on the innovation that is described in the scope of work. By partnering with an ISV, the startup can bring in different members at different times, optimizing the workload and resources throughout the build.
  • The ISV is the whole package. Before you invest your capital into long-term relationships and corporate infrastructure, the ISV brings to the table all services to manage their team including physical infrastructure, ICT, HR, payroll and many other departments and roles that are needed for the machine to run.
  • ISV development teams develop every day and have honed in on the right software product development process to ensure that the project is within the scope of work, and carried out in the most efficient manner possible.


ISV partners make sure that the startup makes the most out of their initial investment in bringing their vision to life. By quenching the common pain points experienced in this phase of a company, the ISV is the support that can keep one standing in the end when many falls. Risk mitigation, process experience, development expertise, technology, and access to the talent needed for a particular product development endeavor is critical and is the service delivered by the ISV.

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