The health, safety, and wellbeing of our extended Faronics community is our utmost priority. This includes our employees, customers and partners.

We are closely monitoring the dynamic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation – following guidance from the World Health Organization as well as local authorities.

We are working together with our leadership, business teams, account managers and global partners to actively monitor the situation to make sure we deliver our software and services without disruption.

Aloha leadership as well as our Business Continuity Team convene regularly to share information and review additional precautionary measures and protocols.

We will maintain this page and update it regularly as conditions change. Your Aloha account managers and technical support will be available at any point to assist you with your business and technical needs.

Thank you for your partnership and trust in Aloha.

How are your teams working during this crisis?
Aloha has established remote working capabilities to cover our operations across the globe and people working away from the office. Our key teams are used to working away from the office and across multiple time zones. All of our teams are now working from home and critical support members are available at all hours to ensure that we can continue to deliver our products and services to our customers.
Has there been any impact on your ability to serve customers?
We are collaborating closely with our clients to ensure we support them throughout this time. Our account managers are available to help clients with any specific issues or concerns.