Embedded Engineering

Embedded Engineering

Underlying Technology of Your Products Can Be Build Right Here

Our Embedded systems can be found in many Medical, Transportation and Telecommunication applications. You might come across some of the graphical screen with touch sensing or screen-edge buttons with Aloha's Embedded Engineering flowing underline.

Embedded Engineering enables many portable devices such as digital time piece and personal multimedia players, to large stationary installations like traffic signals and our Embedded systems developers are fluent in both hardware & software and have designed systems to do specific task and also have the experience to deal with constraints and rapidly implement commands to actuate control which means accomplish more with less.

Benefits of Our Approach

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Your old obsolete product designs can be converted to state-of-art designs.

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Assist in new product development

We can do the Feasibility study and also assist with embedded software architecture and its software engineering.

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Domain expertise

We have done it all from Product conceptualization to engineering, so you can rely on our domain experience.

Not Only Engineering We Also Assist You with Proper Testing and Trials Before the Product Hits the Market

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With Our Experience and Knowledge You Can Be Rest Assured That Product Is Built Well Within the Budget Because We Do Not Engage in Trial & Error