Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Management Services

Delivering Supply Chain expertise to ensure Operational Control & Visibility

Aloha Technology has more than 10 years of experience in helping ISV’s to design and develop Supply Chain Solutions, RFID-based Warehouse Management systems, and Barcode software solutions and enabling the enterprises to attract new customers as well as retain existing ones. Our team of principals and consultants include professionals that enable us to create solutions that are focused towards improving customer loyalty, increasing market share, and improving return on investment (ROI).

Asset Tracking System

Our team helps you develop a system to handle your fleet and asset management challenges in a cost effective way. We help you track, monitor & report vehicle movement using asset tracking devices. Also, you can integrate driver scorecard applications to improve safety. Fleet Analytics modules allows you to leverage Business intelligence by providing features like Fuel spend analysis, Driver intelligence, Inventory analysis, Route analysis/optimization, Cost Analysis, Accident risk analysis, Order processing analysis and Vehicle activity analysis along with dashboard/Reports.

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RFID warehouse solutions

Digital Logistics Platform

For businesses utilizing mail as a part of their service delivery, we help in creating solutions to leverage digital mail, e-commerce platforms, ERP platforms & mobile platforms to deliver higher service quality at an optimized cost. We deliver solutions combined with our domain expertise in logistics to make sure your technology is never obsolete.

Car Accident Help Application

Utilizing the GPS technology, applications can make it easy for you to locate and contact the closest Police Department, Ambulance Service, Hospital, Towing Company, Rental Car Company, or Body Shop. The application can help you communicate to nearby institutions. Our team is well versed at integrating GPS technology to provide value adds to the users.

supply chain management services
supply chain management solutions

Warehouse Management System

Nowadays, WMS is an important part of Enterprise Resource planning system and involve implementation of RFID technology. With a successful implementation of a Warehouse management system, your placement and removal cycle times will be reduced, and inventory accuracy will be improved. It also helps you automate WIP & finished goods processes.